once i knew a kid

Once I knew a kid

She liked the colour blue

And playing in the rain

Liked to write stories and silly tunes

And had clever brain

When the kid was 10 and entered her 4th school

She was asked what it is

She liked to do

She said she liked to write and read

And the colour blue

Didn’t like skirts

Or fancy shoes

She went to school

And learned what she enjoyed

Wasn’t at all cool

Once I knew a kid

Who liked warrior games

Playing pretend

And wanted bows and arrows to aim

She reached for them and hit a dead end

You can’t have that,

Her daddy frowned

Why can’t I have that?

She asked, rather perplexed

It’s only for boys

Says who?

Says society

I once knew a kid

Who didn’t talk a great deal

She didn’t think it mattered

Who said she had to speak and squeal?

They started calling her quiet and scattered

She hadn’t any friends

Not a single one

Just the rare, occasional fraud

And she was done

She started talking fast

Tired of being made fun at

If only to stop herself from being harassed

I once knew a kid

Who really wanted friends

To play with and talk

Real one’s, not those that would condescend

She met some kids on the sidewalk

Will you play with me?

She wanted to know

NO! Your skin is the colour of dirt, don’t you see?

I once knew a kid

Who loved to dream

Let her imagination run wild

Thinking if the mostly wonderful scenes

She wished to go to the moon

Live under the sea

Explore Egyptian sand dunes

Play in the trees

Save a million lives

Write stories

Handle knives

Work in laboratories

Don’t be silly!

She was told

Be sensible,

They would scold.

Choose one, not all!

So she packed her dreams away

And refused the sirens call

I once knew a kid

And she used to be free

Do anything she wanted

Had the master key

And did as she pleased

I wonder what happened that kid

And sorta wish she never met society

Wonder what she’d be like if she didn’t do what they bid

Would she still feel that aching anxiety?

I once knew a kid

And I rather miss her, you see

Because truth was

That kid used to be me.